Tania van Wyk de Vries

  • Mother
  • Transformation specialist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Hypnotherapist

Leading a happy, fulfilled life while reaching your true potential are goals that most people have I am sure. We all exists and fluctuate between varying degrees of this: happiness, feeling fulfilled and being the best version of ourselves, as we travel our journey through life. This is because life is not a constant and we are influence and impacted by so many things, people and situations around us everyday. Healthy Happy Sparkle aims to share proven tips, techniques and stories gathered over the last twenty four years that will support you on your life journey in achieving just that, a more consistent and polished healthy, happy sparkle. Some techniques we share will be for beginners and other topics will be more advance of nature and might even not resonate with some. Overtime I will have something here of interest to all. Where I am at now, I am going to focus on sharing some basic techniques and approaches first. This is for someone who wants to be more deliberate on their own path of self-discovery and need some proven and practiced tips and techniques to make this more real for you in your life.


Some insights

I am super passionate about my career and what I do on a day to day basis. I love business and the intellectual stimulation and challenges it provides me as an individual, but I am equally passionate about life, love, personal growth and spirituality. Achieving a balance between these perceived opposing aspects of life is what I live and breath everyday.


” Healthy Happy Sparkle is a community that offers tips, techniques and approaches for and support to your journey of self-discovery. Let’s have some fun together in this game of life”

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