Basic chakra meditation

Level 1: introductory course
Duration: 1.5 hours

This class is of an introductory nature. We will cover the basics of chakras. There after we will move to practice. You will learn how to activate each chakra during meditation.

During this class we will connect with the basic energetic building blocks called chakras to activate and increase your own life force and raise your energy.

Introduction to mindfulness: meditation, deep breathing

Level 1: introductory course
Duration: 7 hours

This workshop is of an introductory nature and will focus on three mindfulness techniques you can start integrating into your daily life easily: meditation, breathing and reflection. It assumes no previous experience or practice of meditation or any other mindfulness techniques. If you have meditated before, but you have not studied or practiced a more formal meditation technique like Transcendental Meditation, you will likely still learn something, as I will discuss some proven meditation and mindfulness techniques I have discovered and practiced for the last 24 years.

The workshop is suitable for those who are seeking to create more happiness and balance in their lifes and themselves by integrating mindfulness and presence into your daily activities as a start.

This workshop focuses on understanding the basic concepts of integrating mind, body and soul and some mindfulness techniques to facilitate this integration into your daily life.